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Welcome and Explore the Great Wildernesses
Through the Passion of Canoeing

I would like to share my journeys with others who share the same passion for the outdoors as I do through the photographs I have taken and the journals I have written. "My Journeys and places in the Wilderness" First I need to tell you how my "Journey" began. I am an avid woodworker and I wanted to build a wooden canoe. It all started back in the Fall of 2001. I bought the plans and materials to build my first canoe. After about 2-months and 180hrs of work and a shop full of dust, I launched my canoe (15æ' Huron Cruiser) on November 17th, on a sunny balmy 65?F day. I love camping as well. Come the next spring, I realized that putting the two activities together made up the "Journey" that I sought after. The following winter my wife made the announcement that I was going to build a second canoe which I began in mid January of 2003. This canoe is my 17-foot Prospector used for wilderness tripping. This and a hand crafted wannigan, I was ready. I was inspired to build the Prospector after reading Sigurd Olsen's book, "The Lonely Land". His trip took him through the Churchill River in Northern Saskatchewan paddeling in the famous "Prospector" style canoe. This style of canoe is truly a workhorse especially for the fur traders of long ago.

Enjoy This is Canoeing Video

My new canoeing partner, Tucker
My new canoeing partner!
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